Ford Service Body

The time has come for a new truck body and you need dedicated tool and parts storage for your job. The decision between a service or utility body can be tricky. Both are versatile work truck options and are utilized by many different vocations. So how do you decide which is best suited for your work?

The main difference between a service body and a utility body is the cargo area. While service bodies retain an open cargo area similar to a pick-up bed, a utility body has a fully enclosed cargo area similar to a cargo van. Not everything can fit within the side compartments due to size. There are two important questions to consider when you are evaluating which is the best choice for your job:

  • Do you carry large, long or bulky items that you would like to be protected from the elements?
    (Items such as ladders, pipe, conduit, large spools of wire, water heaters, air conditioners, heaters, etc.)
  • Does your work often take you to high theft areas?
    (Larger equipment or tools that won’t fit in the side compartments like generators, compressors, welders, large power tools and more would be vulnerable to theft in an open cargo area.)

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, a utility body will provide you with the storage you need for everything you carry. If you answered ‘no’ to both of these questions, a service body will suffice and, most likely, be a more economical choice when compared to a utility body.

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