Our Most Compact Mechanics Service Truck Now Better Than Ever Before

Knapheide’s KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck has many of the same features mechanics have come to expect yet in a more compact and economical package.

Equipped with an electric crane, bottle gas retainers, mechanics drawers, work lights and more, the KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck enables the user to safely and efficiently lift heavy items and securely store tools and equipment. Numerous body configurations, options and accessories are available to customize the KMS16 to fit your job.

Just as the company continues to evolve, so too do Knapheide products. The evolution of the KMS16 is no exception as changes were made to the truck body in 2021 to better accommodate our customers and help them be more efficient from job to job.

Mark Betz, Industrial Product Engineer, walks us through some of the changes made to the latest version of the KMS16 at the 2022 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

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