Heavy Duty Service Trucks

Knapheide’s KMT3 Mechanics Truck is engineered to withstand the harshest lifting applications and built for longevity.

Boasting a maximum lift capacity of 14,000 lbs. and commonly utilized to service some of the largest and heaviest mining and construction equipment in the world, the KMT3 Mechanics Truck from Knapheide is constructed of rugged steel along with a reinforced, innovative crane compartment and understructure.

If your job demands severe duty lifting applications, whether they be on a single or tandem axle chassis, choose Knapheide’s KMT3 Mechanics Truck to do the heavy lifting.

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Door Seals

Triple contact door seals provides protection against the outside elements for your tools and equipment.

Mechanics Drawers

Street side front vertical compartment has a heavy duty 7 drawer unit with 3-3" high drawers, 3-5" high drawers, and 1-7" high drawer for organization of your tools.

Auxiliary Work Lights

4 halogen work lights installed, 1 on each rear light box, 1 at the base of the crane boom support, and 1 in the middle on top of the street side compartments.

Gas Bottle Retainer Kit

Curb side front vertical compartment has two gas bottle retainers with both the top and bottom panels vented for safe air circulation.

Cargo Tie Downs

Six recessed cargo D-ring tie downs installed in the floor of the cargo area with a 6,000 lb. maximum capacity.

Cab Guard

Bolt-on cab guard with fully punched window for increased visibility

Door Retainer

Double spring over-center door retainer on all doors eliminates involuntary swing and keeps the door in positive open or closed position.

Compartment Shelves

250 lb. capacity adjustable divider shelves made of rugged spangled galvanized steel. Divider slots on 4" centers. Shelves are covered by the Knapheide six year warranty.

Strut Flex Steps

Two grip strut flex steps mounted on the bottom of the work surface bumper on both sides, allows for convenient and safe access to the cargo area.

Grab Handles

Two heavy duty aluminum grab handles located on both sides at the rear of the body for easy cargo access.

Stainless Steel Hinge

Continuous stainless steel hinge for unmatched security and corrosion resistance, backed by the Knapheide six year warranty.

Crane Support Structure

Torq-isolator crane support system with torsion box understructure transfers force into the torsion box floor, not the side compartments eliminating the risk of damaging your crane body.


Stainless steel 3 point T-Handles ensure your compartment doors stay closed and are individually lockable.

Master Locking System

Master Locking System locks down all of the side compartments on one side by utilizing a padlock, provides an additional layer of security.

Cargo Swivel Hooks

Two swivel hooks located in the curb side front vertical compartment, hooks pivot 180 degrees and can be used to hang equipment.

LED Lights

Proprietary rear lights featuring LED S/T/T, LED B/U, LED strobe with (8) selectable patterns and built-in reflectivity

Sortimo Organizational Unit

Sortimo organizational unit located in the side horizontal compartment for small parts and tool storage.

Work Surface Bumper

21" (KMT1), 24" (KMT2), or 28" (KMT3) work surface bumper with lockable through compartment operated by stainless steel T-handles.

Cargo Area

Oversized cargo area for transporting large tools, equipment, and inventory. Commercial grade Knapliner spray-on bedliner applied to cargo floor, sides, compartment tops, bulkhead, and tailgate for maximum corrosion resistance.


Under side of body receives additional corrosion protection with Knapheide's water-based undercoat.


35 CFM hydraulic rotary screw compressor with 50' x 1/2" hose reel and roller fairlead through the street side rear vertical compartment, FLR system and underbody air tank included.

Body Shell

Rugged 14-gauge, two-sided A-40 galvanneal steel body shell with a six year warranty. Complete undercoating provides an additional layer of corrosion protection.


16" high double panel slam latch tailgate with center latch and flat space for displaying company graphics.

Cargo Area Enclosures

Provides optimal coverage to keep oversized items out of the elements.


Knapheide utilizes only the highest quality compressor suppliers so you can count on your equipment when you need it most out in the field.

Hydraulic Cranes

With access to most leading crane manufacturers, Knapheide offers a comprehensive selection of hydraulic cranes.

All In One Power Systems

All-in-one systems powered by diesel (Tier IV compliant) and gas engines. Choose from a variety of brands and options to best suit your needs.

Lube Skid

Available in a variety of configurations, including tanks dedicated to oil, antifreeze, grease (drum) and salvage. Hose reels can be placed in a variety of locations. Tanks are top fill for easy re-fill operation.


Choose from gas or diesel powered with various welding (stick, MIG, TIG, flux core) and cutting capabilities. Can be positioned in multiple locations.

Aluminum Mechanics Drawers

Aluminum alloy construction manufactured by C-Tech. Available in multiple configurations. Rated for maximum of 250 lbs. Appearance may vary.


Choose from leading vise brand names and numerous mounting locations.

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