We know, because you’re a Knapheide distributor, that you take pride in providing your customers with the latest and greatest products. But does your website actually reflect that?

While you may assume yes, think about the product information and photos on your site.

Can you recall the last time they were updated?

When potential customers view your website, they expect to see the newest and most innovative products you have available. But, those infrequent product updates could mean that outdated and obsolete products are being displayed, signaling that you’re behind the times, which may deter new customers.

It can be a daunting task, considering how frequently truck body and equipment details change. But it’s okay to start small. Keep reading to learn about eight common culprits of outdated details that might be lurking on your site.

Knapheide-Specific Changes to Check While Updating Your Website

1. Tail Lights

Outdated tail lights are easy to spot in photos. Around 2018, we switched the lights of Knapheide Service Bodies and KUV Bodies, among others, to rectangular LED S/T/T and B/U lights. These proprietary lights replaced the 4” rounds previously used.

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2. Knapheide Emblem

This change predates the one above, which is good news for those of you working your way down the list. If you’ve already updated your body photos to include the new tail lights, you’re golden on those. But you’ll still want to check all of the other Knapheide products you have listed.

Back in 2016, Knapheide launched its company rebrand, and switched from its stamped tailgates to Knapheide badges.

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3. The Gooseneck Body

In 2021, Knapheide replaced its popular PGN line with its redesigned PGT line. While the products are quite similar, PGTs utilize B&W turnover ball hitches with in-floor designs, as opposed to PGN trap doors.

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4. The Knaphoist

Although Knapheide sold the “Knaphoist” line of hoists for more than 30 years, has been now retired. Product descriptions and photos should be updated accordingly.


5. Light Grommets

Because this change is older, we’re hoping you’ll just be able to cross it off the list! But, the change from white to black grommets did affect a large number of Knapheide bodies, including all platforms and dumps, so just give your photos a quick once-over.

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6. Tailboard

In late 2022, Knapheide started offering the 18” tall steel tailboard as a standard feature on its combo bodies. This change should be reflected in your product photos and descriptions.

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7. Master Locks

This change is still pretty new, and has only been rolled out for service and KUVcc bodies, thus far. While older versions of the master lock handles were painted steel, the new version features a molded black plastic handle, which provides users with a more ergonomic grip.

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8. Bumpers

Okay, so this isn’t a change you have to make, but you may want to consider it.

While Knapheide still offers painted bumpers and tail shelves, we’re seeing an increasing number of customers choose the Knapliner finish.

When adding new photos, consider showcasing the Knapliner option.

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