America's Favorite covered Utility Van Body is Now Available in Lightweight aluminum

Knapheide has added the Aluminum Knapheide Utility Van (KUV) to its product line-up for single rear wheel (SRW) and dual rear wheel (DRW) applications.

The heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum used is unmatched in durability and corrosion resistance. The reduction in body weight, an average of 35% compared to its steel counterpart, is perfect for users needing to carry heavier payloads without compromising on fuel efficiency.

Aluminum KUVs are available in an assortment of lengths and heights (ultra-low, low and high roof), making them perfect for a variety of vocations, like plumbing, HVACR and electrical.

The KUV’s large perimeter bins help keep workers organized, keeping parts and tools separated and in place, while the cargo area provides ample space for transporting oversized items.

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Aluminum KUVs can also be upfit with additional add-on features including:
- Power locks
- Rear-vision cameras
- Aluminum drawers
- Class V receiver hitch
- LED compartment lighting