Aluminum Service Beds

Our aluminum service truck bed offers the most innovative design and superior construction.

Tested in the harshest lab environments, automotive proving grounds and by customers like you, our Aluminum Service Bodies are built to perform. Additionally, military-grade aluminum and structural adhesives that ensure maximum strength and longevity for your work truck.

What does this mean for you? The corrosion resistance of aluminum, an impactful increase in payload and a truck bed as durable as steel. When it comes to Knapheide, lightweight doesn’t mean light duty.

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Aerospace design and assembly for unmatched durability

Floor Construction

Floor constructed of rugged 6061 T6 aluminum extrusions and exclusive "Return Flange" floor design


All-aluminum, 6061 T6 understructure.

Door Frame Design

Inset door frame design with double tray aluminum doors and neoprene door seals for weather-tight closing

Fender Skirts

TPO fender skirts

Slam Lock Tailgate

Slam lock tailgate with one hand center release for convenience. Durable double panel construction has flat interior surface for work bench use.

Nitrogen Gas Strut

Nitrogen strut door retainers

LED Lights

Surface mount lighting system features LED S/T/T and B/U, LED strobe option with (8) selectable patterns and built-in reflectivity for additional safety

Automotive Latch

Automotive quality, paddle-activated rotary style latches make opening and closing easy. Low maintenance and stylish, the latches are covered under Knapheide's six year warranty.

Continuous Hinges

Continuous aluminum hinge with stainless steel rods

Quick-Mount Bumper

Quick-mount installation allows for fast, safe mounting.

Security Ring

Adjustable security ring strikers provide strength, security, and a weather tight seal throughout the entire life of the body.

Slam Lock Tailgate

Includes slam-lock tailgate with one-hand center release.

Interior Light Guards

Interior light guards protect recessed lighting and wiring.

500 Series Bodies

500 Series bodies feature one full height vertical compartment in the front of the body, one compartment in the lower rear of the body, and a horizontal compartment spanning from above the wheel well to the rear of the body.

600 Series Bodies

600 Series bodies feature full height vertical compartments in front and rear of the body with a horizontal compartment running between them.

700 Series Bodies

Features a combination of the 500 (curb side) and 600 (street side) series bodies.

Treadplate Trim

Trim for standard service bodies is added to the top of the slam tailgate and compartment tops. Can also be added to standard or flip top bodies.

Cable Steps

Ideal for crane and line bodies with higher bumpers. Safely access the cargo bed area of the body without need to jump up or down, impoving ease-of-use and safety.

Codeable Padlock

Padlock learns your vehicle ignition key code and eliminates the need to carry both ignition key and padlock key.


Secure large items in open or enclosed cargo area. Available as factory install with one row or two rows of E-track. Multiple add-on accessories available. Appearance may vary.

LED Compartment Lighting

Ideal for Service, Utility or Gooseneck body. Controlled and operated via vehicle up fitter switch. Switch kit and door activated switch kits also available. Multiple lengths available.


Manufactured by Tommy Gate. Available in steel or aluminum on certain KUV, KC and KSV bodies. Not compatible with SRW models. Maximum capacity is 1,300 lbs. Vertical travel up to 40 inches.

Cab Guard

Protects cab and serves as additional platform for working accessories. Designed and pre-configured to match height of your chassis. Additional options available. Powder-coated for durability.

Power Locks

Available option for Service Bodies and KUV models using Ford E-Series or GM Express/Savana cutaway chassis. Standard feature on KUV models using Ford Transit or Ram ProMaster cutaway chassis. Integration with chassis keyless entry system (if equipped) allows for both body and cab to be operated with chassis key fob.

Rock Guard

Aluminum trim added to front corners of Service Body for increased aesthetic. Aluminum treadplate option available.

Vise Bracket

Compatible with most Service, Utility and Line bodies. Steel construction. Mounting surface pre-punched to accommodate multiple sizes of Wilton vise.

Aluminum Mechanics Drawers

Aluminum alloy construction manufactured by C-Tech. Available in multiple configurations. Rated for maximum of 250 lbs. Appearance may vary.

Master Locking System

Lock all compartments on one side with a single device/move. Operates independent of your key locks for added security.


Swivel-style, D-ring tie-downs rated at 2,000 lbs. Ideal for securing large or heavy cargo during transit.


Multiple material construction available including Grip-Strut and Galva-Grip in multiple finishes.

Receiver Hitch

Class V rating with a 12,000 lbs. maximum trailer weight and 2,400 lbs. maximum tongue weight.

Spare Tire Retainer

Accepts tires as small as 14" up to 22.5", with up to 6" of vertical adjustment. Can be mounted on the street side of the cargo positioned close to the front.

Tie Downs

Ideal for safely securing heavy equipment in your cargo area. Zinc-plated. Rated at 2,000 lbs.

Grab Handles

Steel construction. Zinc or chrome plating. Available for most Knapheide Service Bodies.

Low Profile Body

Low Profile Bodies, denoted by “LP”, offer greater visibility from the cab while only sacrificing 4” of the body height compared to a standard Service Body.

Raised Front Compartments

Raised front vertical compartment configuration raises the curb side front vertical compartment to 60” tall.

Flip Top Compartments

Flip Tops, denoted by “F”, allow for greater internal storage, organization and flexibility. Knapheide Flip Tops have a slammable top lid door and a convenient one-hand release located in the horizontal compartment.

Rear Access Door

Rear access door with full-length shelf for convenient storage and access to tools

Flex Steps

Provide easier access to the cargo area

Wheel Chock Holders

Chock holders located around the wheel well for convenient access and storage

Utility Rack

Compatible with 98”, 110”, and 132” DRW Aluminum Service Bodies.  Designed to carry loads up to 1,000 lbs. and has forklift loadability. Available with standard black paint.

Plus 50 Compartments

Plus 50 models feature a transverse compartment in the curb side front vertical extending to the street side compartment back. Plus 50 models have 50% more effective storage capacity. Depending on body model, compartments have either two or three drawers, 59” or 69” long. All drawers are rated for 250-lb. and have dividers every 4”. *Three-drawer unit pictured.

Front Strobe

Front strobe for increased security and visibility


Single-point or three-point T-handle latch

Meter Tray

Keep meters stored and organized separately from other tools for quick and easy access

Bottle Gas Retainer

Added protection and security for transport of bottled materials

Model 500 SeriesModel 600 SeriesModel 700 SeriesBody Length (Nominal)Body HeightBody WidthCompartment DepthFloor WidthNet Weight (lbs)
31" CA, Single Wheel - 2019 or later Ford Ranger with pickup box removal only
40" CA, Single Wheel - 1999 or later Ford Extended or Crew Cab with pickup box removal only
42" CA, Single Wheel - 2001 or later GM Extended or Crew Cab with pickup box removal only
56" CA, Single Wheel - GM C/K series, Ford and Dodge chassis cab or pickup box removal
56" CA, Dual Wheel - GM C/K series, Ford and Dodge with pickup box removal
60" CA, Single Wheel
60" CA, Dual Wheel GM Narrow Track Axle
60" CA, Dual Wheel
* 84" CA, Dual Wheel GM Narrow Track Axle
84" CA, Dual Wheel

Aluminum service Plus 50 bodies

Aluminum Service Bodies with Raised Front Vertical Compartments

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