Aluminum KUVcc

The industry’s premier enclosed aluminum utility truck body,  a Knapheide Aluminum KUVcc boasts the same features as our standard aluminum service bodies with the added security and functionality of a canopy roof. Available for both single and dual-rear-wheel chassis, with numerous lengths and roof heights, there’s an Aluminum KUVcc for your line of work or needs. Check out the many features and options and submit a quote request today so you can  start building the ultimate truck body today.

A versatile, lightweight, practical solution for a variety of vocations, Knapheide’s Aluminum KUVcc is an ideal choice for tradespeople everywhere.

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LED Lights

Surface mount lighting system features LED S/T/T and B/U, LED strobe option with (8) selectable patterns and built-in reflectivity for additional safety

Nitrogen Gas Strut

Nitrogen strut door retainers

Continuous Hinges

Continuous aluminum hinge with stainless steel rods

Automotive Latch

Automotive quality, paddle-activated rotary style latches make opening and closing easy. Low maintenance and stylish, the latches are covered under Knapheide's six year warranty.

Master Locking System

Master Locking System locks down all of the side compartments on one side by utilizing a padlock, provides an additional layer of security.

Interior Light Guards

Interior light guards protect recessed lighting and wiring.

Door Frame Design

Inset door frame design with double tray aluminum doors and neoprene door seals for weather-tight closing

Bulkhead Window

Bulkhead panel including window installed near the bottom side of the panel. Window size varies upon body width.

Rear Door Windows

Rear doors installed with glass in lieu of standard doors with no glass. Doors are double panel aluminum with reinforcement around the window and 2 point slam latches. Includes punched window guards.

Wind Deflector

Add increased aerodynamics and looks to your body. Wind deflector is molded from composite material and has 14 gauge galvanneal mounting plate, and is to be installed on front of bodies. Available for low roof (L) body models only.

Overhead Ladder Rack

The ladder rack is constructed from 1/8" high-strength aluminum support brackets and 1-5/8" aluminum pipe. The load carrying capacity is 300 lbs when mounted according to recommended procedures.

Side-mount Ladder Rack

Side mounted, convenient storage option for ladders. Spring over center clamp type ladder racks with padlock tab for the side of canopy roof.

Galva Grip Recess Bumper

Recess bumpers are offered in galva-grip material, with a black KnapLiner coating. Galva- grip is made from heavy duty galvanneal with 'grip tread' on the step surface providing superior corrosion resistance and enhanced paint adhesion.

Galva Grip Straight Bumper

Straight bumpers are offered in galva-grip material, with a black KnapLiner coating. Galva-grip is made from heavy duty galvanneal with 'grip tread' on the step surface providing superior corrosion resistance and enhanced paint adhesion.

Grip Strut Recess Bumper

Grip strut recess bumpers are coated with black KnapLiner. Grip strut offers a serrated safety grating, providing a non-slip surface. KnapLiner is a durable black spray-on composite liner.

ModelChassis CABody Length (Nominal)Body HeightBody WidthCompartment DepthClear Door WidthClear Door HeightInterior Clear HeightNet Weight (lbs)
56-84" Dual Rear Wheel
56-60" Single Rear Wheel
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