Combo Bodies

A service combo body by Knapheide is created at the crossroads of ingenuity and efficiency. Combo Bodies combine the practicality and versatility of a service truck body and a platform flatbed truck body.

This creates an ideal storage and productivity solution for the needs of virtually any line of work nationwide. Multiple configurations of the Combo Body allow you to get the most practical upfit to meet your needs. Available configurations include DRW in 10’ and 12’ lengths, 40” tall side packs with flip tops, 46” and 60” tall side packs (no flip tops).

See why professionals across multiple industries are choosing the Combo Body to handle the demands of their jobsites.

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Automotive Latch

Automotive quality, paddle-activated rotary style latches make opening and closing easy. Low maintenance and stylish, the latches are covered under Knapheide's six year warranty.

E-Coat Immersion

Knapheide Bodies are fully immersed in Knapheide's 12-step, electrodeposition prime paint system for superior corrosion resistance.

Body Shell

Rugged 14-gauge, two-sided A-40 galvanneal steel body shell with a six year warranty. Complete undercoating provides an additional layer of corrosion protection.

Door Seals

Triple contact door seals provides protection against the outside elements for your tools and equipment.

Door Retainer

Double spring over-center door retainer on all doors eliminates involuntary swing and keeps the door in positive open or closed position.

Internal Latch Cover

Latch interior cover secures the latch to the door and protects the internal latch mechanisms from being damaged. Appearance may vary.

Security Ring

Adjustable security ring strikers provide strength, security, and a weather tight seal throughout the entire life of the body.

Compartment Doors

Features double-shell, 20-gauge, two-sided A-40 galvanneal steel compartment doors

Compartment Shelves

250 lb. capacity adjustable divider shelves made of rugged spangled galvanized steel. Divider slots on 4" centers. Shelves are covered by the Knapheide six year warranty.

Cargo Area

Oversized cargo area for transporting large tools, equipment, and inventory. Commercial grade Knapliner spray-on bedliner applied to cargo floor, sides, compartment tops, bulkhead, and tailgate for maximum corrosion resistance.

Receiver Hitch

Integrated Class V receiver hitch at rear of platform with safety chain attachment points and 7 way trailer plug, receiver hitch rated at 18,000 lbs.

LED Lights

Surface mount lighting system features LED S/T/T and B/U, LED strobe option with (8) selectable patterns and built-in reflectivity for additional safety

Stainless Steel Hinge

Continuous stainless steel hinge for unmatched security and corrosion resistance, backed by the Knapheide six year warranty.

Master Locking System

Lock all compartments on one side with one device/action. Operates independent of your key locks for added security. .

Bottle Gas Retainer

Added protection and security for transport of bottled materials

Overcab Material Rack

Increase storage space by getting ladders and other long tools or equipment up and out of the way, making room to haul more items in your cargo area.

Treadplate Trim

Trim for standard service bodies is added to the top of the slam tailgate and compartment tops. Can also be added to standard or flip top bodies.

ModelBody ModelTotal Length (Nominal)Body HeightBody WidthCompartment DepthCargo Floor WidthNet Weight (lbs)
60" and 84" CA, Dual Rear Wheel
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Knapheide’s New Combo Body: A Service and Flatbed Truck Fusion

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