Water Tankers

Knapheide’s KWT4 Water Truck has a 4,000 gallon water tank for maximum capacity. Compatible with tandem axle chassis, KWT4 Water Trucks are ideal for many different applications including dust control and delivery.

Knapheide Water Trucks employ a cross baffle to prevent sloshing during transport. Sight gauges enable the operator to easily view water levels without having to climb onto the top of the tank.

If your jobsite depends on a Water Truck, let the Knapheide KWT4 Water Truck work for you.

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Water Cannon

Enables precise water placement/delivery for your water distribution system

Draft Fill

Ideal for excavating water and other substances into water tank. Requires compatible pump system for use.

Custom Reels

Electric and manual reels available for a variety of vocations

Warning and Work Lights

Provides increased safety and visibility on the jobsite

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