Built with the concrete contractor in mind

The Knapheide Concrete Flatbed Truck Body combines a 1,500 lb. overcab material rack, drop down tailgate, removable solid sides, above and under body toolboxes with a Value-Master X Platform Body to create the ideal vocational package for a concrete contractor.

We know concrete work is a physically demanding job so we designed a truck body that is tough enough to handle your job, day in and day out. A reinforced overcab material rack can accommodate wheelbarrow storage while the drop down tailgate enables you to get close enough to the load space to easily retrieve items. A 1/8″ thick, treadplate floor construction ensures the Concrete Body can hold up to the heavy loads within a concrete environment.

If your job requires a strong truck and durable truck body, depend on Knapheide’s Concrete Body.

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E-Coat Immersion

Knapheide Bodies are fully immersed in Knapheide's 12-step, electrodeposition prime paint system for superior corrosion resistance.


One above body and one under body toolbox on each side of the body for secure storage. Toolboxes include double panel door construction and T-handle style latches.

Material Rack

Material Rack rated at 1,500 lbs. maximum capacity, is side forklift loadable, has swing-away rear cross bar and removable intermediate cross bars for loading taller items, and has tie down hooks to help secure your items.


ICC Bumper for under-ride protection and for compliance with FMVSS regulations.


Full height tailboard at the rear of the above body toolboxes to separate the bed space.

Solid Sides

14" High removable contractor solid sides secure within the platforms internal stake pockets.


Floor is constructed of two-piece, 7 gauge HRCQ steel with a full seam weld down the center (Rigid Side models with crossmember understructure features a two-piece 10 gauge floor with full seam weld).


14" High, double-panel contractor grade tailgate drops down a full 180 degrees for easy loading and unloading.

Cab Guard

Reinforced cab guard with tie downs for securing wheelbarrows and building supplies.

Platform Base

PVMX platform base is comprised of 11-gauge high tensile strength steel cross sills on 18” centers with 5” structural C-Channel long sills

Aluminum Treadplate Overlay

Aluminum treadplate adhered to top of toolboxes for increased durability and added aesthetic

8' Underbody Storage Compartment

Offers additional storage beneath the body

LengthTreadplate Floor - ModelTreadplate Floor - Net Weight (lbs)
Dual Rear Wheel
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