Aluminum Flatbed Truck Becomes Ultimate Recreational Rig

Unlike conventional Knapheide users who utilize our truck beds and bodies on jobsites across America, Nate Kruse is flipping the script, using his Knapheide for the purpose of recreation. A few years ago, Kruse became interested in “overlanding,” a popular hobby involving on-road and off-road “adventure travel” utilizing four-wheel drive vehicles. “I was really getting…

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Home Theater Installer Tunes into a KUV for Remote Work

Home theaters have become increasingly popular in households across the US, particularly during the pandemic. As television and movies experienced an uptick in popularity (thanks in part to many studios releasing blockbuster films directly to streaming platforms), the professionals who create home theaters also enjoyed the resulting boost in business. One such company is Federal…

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4 Ways to Beat the Heat on the Jobsite

Advantages of Work Trucks

Many people are affected by extreme heat each year. Overexposure to heat can cause issues such as extreme fatigue, headache, nausea, high temperature, sunburn/sun poisoning, and much more. So how can you stay cool on the jobsite this summer? Follow some of these tips to beat the heat.   Hydrate Make sure that your worksite has…

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