When To Buy Snow and Ice Equipment For Your Vehicle

snow accumulating on knapheide body

This summer’s heat has been sweltering in parts of the United States, which should come as no surprise since the Earth literally experienced its hottest day ever recorded earlier this July. With that said, if what’s to come this winter isn’t exactly what’s at the forefront of your mind, it’s totally understandable. But, while it…

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Bringing History to Life: The Model TT Wagon Truck

Model T at NTEA

Play Video Automobiles revolutionized transportation and, as a result, left wagon-making companies with two options to move forward: adapt or fail. Many wagon makers fell short and had to close their doors, but those at Knapheide fought to keep the company going, refusing to accept defeat easily. So, Knapheide pivoted and, by 1910, had begun…

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When to Stock Every Type of Commercial Vehicle

Knapheide in Kansas City

ARE YOU STOCKING THE RIGHT UPFITS ON YOUR LOT THIS SEASON? For many, it’s difficult to know what products to stock on their lot and when; it’s even a complicated question for experienced commercial vehicle salespeople to answer. To help, we’ve put together a seasonal inventory calendar. But, keep in mind, this calendar is a…

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