Concrete Evidence: The Knapheide Saw Body Gets It Done

The Knapheide Saw Body Truck is designed with the heavy concrete contractor in mind, providing efficient transport, support, and storage of heavy concrete saws and equipment used for slab and flat cutting. Additionally, a Dhollandia Cantilever lift gate with a 3300 lb. capacity and a 57” platform allows for simpler loading and unloading of concrete…

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KUVcc Revealed: Knapheide’s Fully Enclosed Utility Truck

Construction Knapheide truck body

Love the organization capabilities in a utility van, but require a truck chassis for more cab space or four-wheel drive? You get all the same great benefits of a KUV, but in a package that’s compatible with a truck cab chassis. With more than enough secure compartments and cargo area storage, the KUVcc can handle…

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Knapheide Introduces PGTD Gooseneck Hitch Truck Body

The newly redesigned Knapheide PGTD Gooseneck Bodies are the top of the line for work and hauling. Now featuring B&W Turnoverball® hitches, you won’t find a more feature-packed and deluxe gooseneck service body anywhere. New PGTD Features: B&W Turnoverball® hitch rated for 30,000 lb. gross trailer weight and 7,500 tongue weight. Flip-top compartments are three…

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The Ultimate Mechanic Upfit: The Knapheide KMT1

KMT1 Mechanics Truck Ford

The KMT1 Mechanics Truck combines our rugged Crane Bodies with top-notch cranes, compressors and other equipment to create a turnkey field maintenance solution. We don’t cut corners with our Mechanics Trucks. They come loaded with standard features to maximize the value. Versatile enough to handle virtually any application, the KMT1 enables technicians and mechanics in agriculture, construction,…

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Bigger and Better for 2022: The KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck

KMS16 Mechanics Truck

Our Most Compact Mechanics Service Truck Now Better Than Ever Before Knapheide’s KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck has many of the same features mechanics have come to expect yet in a more compact and economical package. Equipped with an electric crane, bottle gas retainers, mechanics drawers, work lights and more, the KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck enables…

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What’s New with Knapheide Aluminum Service Truck Bodies?

Aluminum Service Bodies

Knapheide Aluminum Service Bodies offer the most innovative design and superior construction from a time-tested, trusted, and proven leader at the forefront of the truck body manufacturing industry. Tested in the harshest lab environments, automotive proving grounds, and by customers like you, our Aluminum Service Bodies are built to perform. Additionally, military-grade aluminum and structural…

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Knapheide Unveils Aluminum PGTB Gooseneck Hitch Truck Body

Your search for an aluminum gooseneck body that is both lightweight AND strong is over. The Knapheide PGTB Aluminum Gooseneck Body features our superior aluminum construction methods for countless benefits including, most importantly, durability and longevity. What does this mean? This means a rugged work body that is 40 percent lighter than steel to provide more payload…

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A Buying Alternative During Tough Times

While inflation and fuel prices skyrocket to record highs, supply chain woes plague the economy, and layoffs across multiple industries leave Americans on edge about what lies ahead, businesses who rely on a fleet of vehicles continue wondering what options exist for upgrading vehicles that are due for replacement. We’ve previously touched on the topic,…

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Knapheide Fold Down Shelving for Cargo Vans Releases

Knapheide is excited to release its new Fold Down Shelving for cargo vans. This shelving has been designed with parcel delivery and courier professionals in mind. Anchored by 12-guage uprights and mounting brackets with 10-guage U-supports, the shelves are assisted with gas props for ultimate functionality and performance. The gas prop holds the shelf upright…

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Let’s Go Farther: Fleets vs. Fuel Costs

Painful prices at the pump have been chipping away at the wallets of individuals and families for a number of months now. But it’s not only individuals and families who are feeling the effects of runaway fuel prices. Businesses, particularly those that employ a large fleet of vehicles, are having to find ways to soften…

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