Open vs Enclosed: Which Work Truck Body Style is Right for Me?

aluminum service body on GM

The time has come for a new truck body and you need dedicated tool and parts storage for your job. The decision between a service or utility body can be tricky. Both are versatile work truck options and are utilized by many different vocations. So how do you decide which is best suited for your…

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A Chassis Class to Body Size Compatibility Guide for Work Trucks

Chassis Class-to-Body Size

There are many factors that come into play when determining if a truck body and chassis are compatible. One of the most important, cab to axle measurement (length in inches from back of the cab to the center of the rear axle), has been covered in a previous blog entry. Another factor, which is often…

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Most Common Work Trucks Found On Dealer Lots

Common Truck Upfits

Commercial truck dealers across the nation, from large to small, stock already upfitted work trucks for immediate delivery. So the next time you are in a pinch and need access to a work truck with a body already installed, be sure to view the list below of the most common in dealer inventories. Click on…

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6 Tips For Configuring Your Next Platform Body

platform value master x body

Platform bodies, flatbeds, flatdecks, there are numerous names used across North America for this versatile material hauling product. On the surface, a platform body seems so simple. Yet spec’ing the wrong flatbed for your application can create an inefficient, and even dangerous, work truck. Use these six tips when it is time to buy your…

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How To Calculate A Work Truck’s Payload

Calculate A Work Truck’s Payload

With several technical terms and acronyms used when calculating a vehicle’s payload, it can get quite confusing. Get it wrong and risk being overloaded which can cause expensive citations, accelerated maintenance costs and safety issues. To make it easy, we break down each piece of calculating the payload of your work truck below and give…

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