What Does a Fleet Management Company Do?

The Role of Fleet Management Companies

As technology, regulations and the size of corporate fleets have grown, so has the need for optimized and efficient vehicle fleet management. Today, fleet management companies offer a substantial list of services, including vehicle acquisition, spec’ing, telematics, lifecycle management, fuel management, maintenance programs, roadside assistance, vehicle delivery, insurance, compliance and more. So why would a…

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7 Used Work Truck Buying Tips

Used Work Truck Buying Guide

1. Maintenance & Service History Many times, commercial trucks will have a pretty comprehensive maintenance and service history recorded by the company who bought it new and put it into service. Obviously this is easier to obtain if you are purchasing a one-owner commercial vehicle. Check this over thoroughly ensuring all recommended maintenance intervals were…

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The Latest Tech Tools for Contractors

Tool Technology Blog

The days of the a simple hammer, square and a tape measure being all you need to get the job done are gone. While these are still viable tools, there’s been a great deal of advancement in contractor tool technology that makes your job easier than ever before. Here are some of our favorite new…

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Where To Look When You Need A New Upfitted Work Truck Fast

Upfit Guides

You never know when you might need a work truck in a hurry. Breakdowns and accidents happen, and they can quickly bring your work to a halt. Regardless of the reason, quick access to ready-to-work trucks is within reach. So where do you turn when you need that service truck or flatbed now? Local Commercial…

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5 Tips for Safely Operating a Dump Truck

Safe Dump Body Operation

A work truck body with dumping capability, whether it’s a dump body, platform, landscaper or something else with a lifting apparatus, can be a life saver. However, the many moving parts and heavy weight of dumping operations make these dangerous tools if not operated properly. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when working…

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