Why Most Commercial Vehicles Are White

Common Truck Upfits

You may have noticed it while shopping for a new work truck or van. Maybe it’s an observation you’ve made on the road or at the job site. Though it may not be something you’ve put much thought into, it’s something you’ll notice now. An overwhelming majority of commercial vehicles are white. Though other color…

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Swing-Out vs Roll-Up: Picking the Perfect Doors for Your Work Truck

Knapheide Roll-Up Doors

Confined spaces are the enemy of convenience when it comes to your work vehicle. For those who find themselves in tight quarters on the job site, it can be difficult to easily access your tools and cargo with conventional swing-out doors, potentially causing hang-ups in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. The solution? Roll-up…

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Dump Trucks: Things to Consider Before You Buy

Dump Bodies from Knapheide

Dump bodies are utilized in many different industries, from hauling aggregate in mining applications to transporting grass clippings in lawn care applications. Dump bodies have eliminated the back breaking work of unloading bulk materials off of the truck, greatly improving efficiency and safety on jobsites around the world. Light duty dump bodies are commonly utilized…

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Mechanics Trucks: Things to Consider Before You Buy

Mechanics Trucks from Knapheide

With the size and scope of equipment on jobsite growing larger and more expansive, it’s nearly impossible to transport equipment back to the shop for regular maintenance or repair. That’s why the workstations on wheels known as mechanics trucks are a solution for a variety of industries in need of on-site maintenance for their large…

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5 Signs It’s Time to Trade Your Pickup for a Service Truck

Switch from Pickup to Service Bed

Regardless if you’re a contractor, mechanic, plumber or electrician, these trades all have one thing in common: they require a work vehicle for the job and in most cases it is a work truck.  Work trucks can be spotted all over, from country gravel roads to city streets.  A work truck can be as simple…

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