Key Questions to Ask Potential Commercial Vehicle Buyers

Talking to Your Customers

Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Buyers It may go without saying, but there are several questions you should be asking commercial customers when they contact you about an upfit. Needs vary greatly from person to person and company to company. Taking time to learn more about your customer and their operation will prove beneficial…

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Pairing the Best Vehicle Upfit with an Industry

Choosing Vocational Upfits

Every business has a different set of needs. One of the most important aspects of meeting those needs is to have a vehicle that is upfitted to get the job done. But which upfit is right for your vehicle? From trucks to vans, a variety of products are available to meet the demands of your…

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Commercial Plumber Upgrades from Cargo Vans to KUV

Minuteman Plumbing Story

Taking care of the plumbing needs of large chains in southern California isn’t something that can be completed from behind a desk. It takes the right people, the right mindset, and a powerful partnership.

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What is Content Marketing and Why is it Important?

Content Marketing

Statistics show 78 percent of consumers prefer to learn about a company via articles over traditional advertising. Additionally, 70 percent believe organizations that provide original content are more interested in building a relationship with consumers. Today, creating original content for your digital platforms (such as social media channels and websites) is the key to building…

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Corrosion and Rust Prevention Tips for Work Trucks

Corrosion and Rust Prevention Tips

Your work truck is built to withstand the day-to-day rigors of the jobsite. But one of the most crucial challenges your truck faces is withstanding mother nature. Through our industry-leading,  12-step E-Coat Primer system for our steel bodies, we are confident that both Knapheide steel and aluminum bodies are the industry standard in corrosion resistance.…

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Tips for Building a Successful Business Relationship

Building successful relationships

Getting past the first point of contact can be one of the more challenging aspects of establishing a business relationship. In order to reach the point of building that relationship, we must first understand who plays the role of the “gatekeeper.” This role can be held by a variety of different people, including secretaries or…

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Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your Work Truck Working Hard

Preventative Maintenance

You get the keys to your new work truck and your first thought is to load it up with all the tools and equipment you need for your job. Before you take it to its’ first job, you need to consider a preventative maintenance cycle to maximize the vehicle’s life and your ROI. Performing preventative…

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Selling Commercial Trucks with Profitability in Mind

Safety and Upfits

Making a vehicle purchase is no small decision, and it’s a decision that is often accompanied by one question: “what kind of impact will this have on my profitability?” Return-on-investment (ROI) is a major deciding factor in the purchase of a work vehicle. With that in mind, how can customers assure they’re getting the most…

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Time Management Tips for Sales Reps

KNAPHEIDE Dallas Round Rock

In a results-driven position such as sales, how you spend your time is pivotal in your overall success. The result of how you spend your time day-to-day can produce make-or-break results. So, how can you efficiently and effectively spend your time? Here are a few tips.   Plan ahead Whether it’s by the hour or…

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A Cab to Axle Measurement Quick Guide for Work Truck Bodies

Cab to Axle Graphic

There are many important factors to ensure compatibility between a body and a chassis. Gross vehicle weight rating, gross axle weight rating, payload, wheelbase, fuel and DEF tank location are just a few to consider. Utilizing an experienced and professional upfitter will ensure your next purchase won’t yield an incompatible body and chassis. Regardless if…

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