Should You Refurbish That Work Truck?

Work Truck Refurbishment

Considering purchasing a brand new work truck? Has your current work truck seen better days? Your work truck may take a beating day in and day out on the jobsite and appear like its useful life is over. Time for a new work truck, right? Not so fast. It’s time to consider refurbishment. Most refurbishment…

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The Work Truck Tire Safety Checklist

Tires withstand severe environments throughout their life on a work truck. Holding up to heavy loads and traveling on a multitude of surfaces are common for work truck tires. Most of us give the tires on our work truck little thought until they are in need of replacement. While this strategy may have worked for…

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Should You Get Crew’s Input on Your Work Truck Build?

Spec Your Work Trucks

Many business owners or fleet and equipment managers cringe when the time comes to purchase new work trucks. When you don’t work out of the vehicle that is being purchased, it can be a challenge to understand the daily application and requirements. Incorrectly “spec’ing” the vehicle translates into lost ROI, safety issues and unhappy techs.…

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10 Work Truck Options for Storing Long or Bulky Items

Options for Storing Long Items

Every vocation has them. They are the long or bulky items that you just aren’t sure how to store in the most efficient manner. You could throw that 8’ conduit pipe on the cargo floor, sure it would roll around during transport and you may trip over it trying to get to something else but…

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Utilizing Pre-Owned Inventory in Commercial Sales

Utilizing Used Chassis

SQUEEZE EXTRA SALES WITH USED CHASSIS As new chassis supply dwindles and lot inventory becomes squeezed, truck dealers are having to get creative in order to satisfy their commercial vehicle customers. In many instances, those that have the inventory will end up getting the sale. So as a commercial truck dealer that normally maintains a…

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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business


CREATING A PROFILE AND PROMOTING YOUR BRAND ON INSTAGRAM It’s an overwhelming sense of pride knowing you swept a customer off their feet helping them find the perfect vehicle for their application and it’s ideal when you can seal that perfect deal with a solid handshake. Although these sweet deals will continue to serve as…

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Boosting Your Business Brand Through Infographics

Make a Lasting Impression with Infographics

SHOW YOUR CUSTOMERS EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN When it comes to grabbing the attention of your target audience, research tells us you have about eight seconds or less. It is important to immediately connect with your target audience by making a meaningful impact. One way to accomplish this is through the use of infographics. Infographics…

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How Hiring Millennials Elevates Your Commercial Vehicle Sales

KNAPHEIDE Dallas Round Rock

HOW A YOUTH MOVEMENT CAN DIVERSIFY YOUR COMMERCIAL SALES SKILLS There are more millennials entering the workforce than any generation. They represent 38 percent of today’s workforce and are expected to make up 75 percent of the total by 2025. They have a reputation of being harder to attain and retain but they bring characteristics…

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Recruiting and Training Young Commercial Vehicle Sales Professionals

Commercial Trucks in Stock

PLAN FOR THE FUTURE BY INVESTING IN YOUNG COMMERCIAL TRUCK SALES PROFESSIONALS The trend of the average age of the commercial truck sales consultant has become evident: most all are well into their late 50’s and 60’s. Recruiting and training the younger generation into commercial truck sales may prove to be not only a significant,…

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6 Ways for Commercial Vehicle Sellers to Find Prospective Customers

Prospecting Dealers

FIND NEW TRUCK CUSTOMERS WITH THESE PROSPECTING TIPS Prospecting has always been a hot topic with auto sales professionals. Everyone has their own opinions and methods to which they follow. Geography, market size, industries and customer demographics can all play a role as it relates to success with prospecting methods for commercial truck sales. Regardless…

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