4 Ways to Beat the Heat on the Jobsite

Aluminum Service Body on a worksite

Many people are affected by extreme heat each year. Overexposure to heat can cause issues such as extreme fatigue, headache, nausea, high temperature, sunburn/sun poisoning and much more. So, how can you stay cool on the jobsite this summer? Follow some of these tips to beat the heat! Hydrate Make sure that your worksite has…

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8 Tips for Winterizing Your Work Truck

Winter weather will be here before you know it. If you’re caught unprepared, the sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice will wreak havoc on your work vehicle and its systems. And we know it’s important that, whether your business operates one or one hundred work vehicles, you keep them all up-and-running. So, be proactive this year,…

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5 Tips for Increasing Work Truck Fuel Economy

As costs of goods and services continue to rise, an increasing number of businesses and individuals are reviewing their spending more closely, looking for creative ways to reduce expenses. Traditionally, fuel has been seen as simply a necessity and “a cost of doing business.” But, what if you could reduce that cost by cutting down…

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When to Stock Every Type of Commercial Vehicle

Knapheide in Kansas City

ARE YOU STOCKING THE RIGHT UPFITS ON YOUR LOT THIS SEASON? For many, it’s difficult to know what products to stock on their lot and when; it’s even a complicated question for experienced commercial vehicle salespeople to answer. To help, we’ve put together a seasonal inventory calendar. But, keep in mind, this calendar is a…

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How To Book More Commercial Vehicle Service Appointments

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Install a Truck Body Yourself

Four Service Tips for Commercial Truck Dealers Your commercial customers rely on their work vehicles for more than just transportation; they’re often an important tool in helping them get their job done. When a work truck is down, it impacts their livelihood or the revenue of their company. Whether your customer is part of a…

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How to Choose Between Standard or Custom Work Truck Bodies

Standard or Custom Work Truck Beds

Should you choose a standard or custom body for your jobsite or dealership lot? The decision can be a difficult one. As the name suggests, custom implies a truck body built to you or your customers’ exact specifications. While “custom” sounds like a perfect fit, there are cons that coincide with going that route. Let’s…

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Work Vehicle Upfitting Upgrades That Maximize Safety

Maximize Safety on Your Next Upfit

Safety is everywhere on jobsites.  Regulations are put in place by government agencies to minimize the risk of injuries, equipment has a laundry list of safety features, and laborers protect themselves with safety glasses, ear plugs, hard hats, steel toed boots, high visibility clothing, among many other things.  Work vehicles have safety features that Henry…

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Smart Solutions for Ladder Storage on Work Vehicles

Ladder Storage Solutions

We’ve all been there, you pull up to a jobsite and need to retrieve something from your vehicle. Unfortunately that something is obstructed by your ladder that is stored in the bed space of your work truck. So instead of getting what you need right away, you are stuck with removing your ladder to get…

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5 Tips For Branding Company Vehicles

Company Vehicle Branding

Work vehicles are highly visible, rolling billboards. Most companies will put the company logo and a phone number on a spot or two on the vehicle, giving it little thought. While this approach is better than nothing, it is always best to consider the following before investing in your rolling billboard. 1. Be Clear With…

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Gas vs Diesel: What’s the Best Fuel for Your Work Truck?

Gas or Diesel Specs

Today’s comprehensive selection of commercial vehicle engines offers many benefits to customers.  A myriad of choices enable customers to select the engine that best fits their application without sacrificing torque, fuel efficiency, horsepower and more. While the vast engine choices create additional value, it can also create a dilemma when it comes to properly spec’ing…

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