H.W. “Bo” Knapheide IV Named President and CEO of Knapheide

Bo Knapheide

H.W. “Bo” Knapheide IV has been named President & CEO of The Knapheide Manufacturing Company. Having held multiple positions throughout his career with the company, Bo becomes the 6th generation leader of Knapheide, founded and headquartered in Quincy, Illinois since 1848. “I am proud to continue my family’s history leading our company forward,” said Bo.…

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Why LED Lights are Essential in Work Trucks

LED Lights

In recent years LED lighting has become more and more common in both personal and commercial vehicle applications. While oftentimes considered a more premium option, the advantages of LED lighting outweigh the additional costs. And, in recent years, the price difference between LEDs and traditional incandescent lighting has stabilized. First and foremost, what is main…

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Electric vs Hydraulic: Which Type of Work Truck Crane is Best?

Hydraulic Crane Body

Telescopic cranes for a service truck can greatly increase a mechanic’s capability out in the field. While service cranes provide more ROI opportunities, acquisition costs can also vary greatly depending upon what type of crane is chosen for the truck. The two most common in service applications are electric and hydraulic telescopic cranes. No matter…

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Prepare Your Work Truck For Summer Heat

Your truck never gets a break, year round it is supporting your work and you seldom have time to think twice about maintenance. As the temperatures begins to rise your work truck is forced to operate in a more demanding environment. Your engine and air conditioning will be put to the test throughout the summer…

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Knapheide Unveils New Aluminum Service and Platform Truck Bodies

NTEA Work Truck Show 2018

Indianapolis – March 7, 2018 – The Knapheide Manufacturing Company, North America’s leading provider of high quality, work-ready transportation solutions, revealed an all new aluminum service body and aluminum platform body at the 2018 Work Truck Show. The addition of these bodies reinforces Knapheide’s commitment to producing the best portfolio of aluminum truck bodies. The journey…

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