Work Truck Industry Terms & Acronyms Guide

Knapheide Truck Pool

The automotive industry is full of specialized terms and acronyms; it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of it! Whether you’re a customer trying to understand the lingo, new to working in a dealership or just want a refresher, this crash course on chassis can help you better understand it all. After Frame (AF) Distance…

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Let’s Go Farther: Fleets vs. Fuel Costs

Painful prices at the pump have been chipping away at the wallets of individuals and families for a number of months now. But it’s not only individuals and families who are feeling the effects of runaway fuel prices. Businesses, particularly those that employ a large fleet of vehicles, are having to find ways to soften…

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Bridging the Generational Consumer Divide

Amid a generational shift across multiple industries, companies are rethinking their strategy as it pertains to marketing their products and services to the next generation of decision makers. As older millennials and Generation Z begin to take the reins and assume positions of prominence, how can they maintain relationships with long-term customers while also marketing…

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Weiss: Vehicle Certification Basics You Should Know

In the work truck industry, our primary tasks involve putting equipment in and on vehicles so that our customers can do their jobs safely and efficiently. So much discussion happens internally and externally during this process surrounding certification of those vehicles. The knowledge of this subject by the players involved ranges from novice to expert.…

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Sticker Shock: Upgrade Options in a Runaway Economy

As inflation, pandemic aftershocks, and supply chain issues continue to keep a tight hold on the pocketbooks of businesses and households alike, small business owners and companies of all sizes are more cautiously looking at the ways in which they spend their money. In particular, those who are due for work truck upgrades have undoubtedly…

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Classes in Session: Understanding Vehicle Classifications

The roads we travel daily are utilized by working vehicles of all shapes and sizes. From a crew cab work truck headed a few miles up the road to a new jobsite to an 18 wheeler traversing countless miles, each of these workhorses are grouped into their own specific, designated class. Eight classes of commercial…

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4 Ways to Beat the Heat on the Jobsite

Advantages of Work Trucks

Many people are affected by extreme heat each year. Overexposure to heat can cause issues such as extreme fatigue, headache, nausea, high temperature, sunburn/sun poisoning, and much more. So how can you stay cool on the jobsite this summer? Follow some of these tips to beat the heat.   Hydrate Make sure that your worksite has…

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Work Vehicle Upfitting Upgrades That Maximize Safety

Maximize Safety on Your Next Upfit

Safety is everywhere on jobsites.  Regulations are put in place by government agencies to minimize the risk of injuries, equipment has a laundry list of safety features, and laborers protect themselves with safety glasses, ear plugs, hard hats, steel toed boots, high visibility clothing, among many other things.  Work vehicles have safety features that Henry…

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5 Tips For Branding Company Vehicles

Company Vehicle Branding

Work vehicles are highly visible, rolling billboards. Most companies will put the company logo and a phone number on a spot or two on the vehicle, giving it little thought. While this approach is better than nothing, it is always best to consider the following before investing in your rolling billboard. 1. Be Clear With…

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Smart Solutions for Ladder Storage on Work Vehicles

Ladder Storage Solutions

We’ve all been there, you pull up to a jobsite and need to retrieve something from your vehicle. Unfortunately that something is obstructed by your ladder that is stored in the bed space of your work truck. So instead of getting what you need right away, you are stuck with removing your ladder to get…

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