September 4, 2019


4 Service Tips for Commercial Truck Dealers

Your commercial customers depend on their work vehicles to not only get them to the job but efficiently complete the job as well. When a work truck is down revenue will suffer. Regardless if your customer is a one or one hundred man operation, they need exceptional service after the sale in order to maximize their business. Consider these four service tips for your commercial and fleet customers. Implementing a few or all of these tips will produce a competitive advantage for your commercial dealership and, if properly executed, increase customer retention.


Whether your customer drives a one-ton truck or compact cargo van, all require preventative maintenance for maximum uptime and reliability. Develop a scheduled maintenance program and include the essentials (fluid intervals, tire rotations, etc) that drives revenue for you and value for your customers.


Priority service is important, a contractor can’t afford to wait on an oil change for a retail customer to be finished in order to get their work truck back on the road. Dedicated commercial service bays provide assurance to your customers that they are a priority.


Commercial customers work around the clock. HVAC systems go down at all hours and snow removal doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Consider offering extended service hours in the evening, early morning, weekends or a combination of the three. The more commercial customers you have, the more important extended hours will become for your operation.


On the retail side, loaner vehicles are a common offering for customers. Why not replicate that convenience on the commercial vehicle side? While you won’t be able to match the customer’s exact vehicle, providing something similar enables that customer to continue working and creating revenue for their business. This is vital for instances where the customer’s vehicle may be out of commission for an extended period of time for service. Beyond these four tips, what’s most important is that you put an emphasis on service for your commercial customers. While their needs are different and sometimes difficult to meet, quality service after the sale creates lifelong customers.

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