Mining equipment requires preventative maintenance and field service for optimal performance. Due to their large size, transporting mining equipment to a shop is nearly impossible. That’s why Knapheide produces Mechanics Trucks and Fuel Lube Trucks for that very purpose, a work station on wheels that can travel to the equipment with all the tools and equipment needed for repairs and maintenance. Choose from the common service trucks below to maximize mining equipment uptime and profitability.


Standard Service Bodies

Steel Service Bodies

Over 50 years of innovation has made Knapheide Steel Service Bodies the industry's leading truck bed.


KWT2 Water Trucks

2,000 gallon capacity commonly utilized for dust control, cleaning, & delivery applications

PGND Gooseneck Bodies

PGND Gooseneck Bodies

Combining hauling of a gooseneck body with storage of a service body, PGND, the best of both worlds

KMS 16

KMS16 Mechanics Service Trucks

Get the full functionality of a Mechanics Truck but in a more economical and compact package

KMT1 Mechanics Trucks

KMT1 Mechanics Trucks

The industry's most rugged and reliable Mechanics Truck for class five chassis


KMT2 Mechanics Trucks

A complete turnkey package with a lifting capacity up to 10,000 lbs and ample secure tool storage