Landscaping, lawn maintenance, and tree care companies rely on highly specialized trucks for their specific application. Knapheide Landscaper Bodies and Forestry Bodies are purpose built for landscapers and arborists with many standard features that make the job safer and more productive. Knapheide also offers Dump Bodies and Platform Bodies that are commonly utilized in the landscaping and tree care industries.


Aluminum Platform Bodies

Aluminum Platform Bodies

America's most capable aluminum flatbed platform bodies for heavy hauling.

Value Master X Platform

Value-Master X Platform Bodies

From hay bales to bricks, haul anything you need with Knapheide's most popular Platform Body

GM Landscaper Bed

Landscaper Bodies

The ideal truck body for landscaping and lawn care applications & stocked with standard features


PGTC Gooseneck Bodies

Enhanced styling & superior functionality to form one of the industry's premier Gooseneck Bodies.

Drop Side Dump Bodies

Drop Side Dump Bodies

Combination of innovative features and durable construction to form the industry's best dump body

Fixed Side Dump

Fixed Side Dump Bodies

Withstand every demand thrown your way with a structurally superior dump body from Knapheide, constructed of high-strength steel.