Agriculture environments are isolated and rely on consistent equipment performance in order to maximize productivity. Knapheide offers a comprehensive selection of truck bodies and truck beds to keep your farm up and running. Gooseneck trailers need to be hauled, bags of feed need to be moved, and your tractors and combines need serviced. Knapheide has all the right truck beds for the job including gooseneck bodies, flatbeds, service trucks, and mechanics trucks.


Steel Service Body on chevrolet

Steel Service Bodies

Over 50 years of innovation has made Knapheide Steel Service Bodies the industry's leading truck bed.


Aluminum Service Bodies

Aluminum service beds from Knapheide have been rigorously tested & feature a superior design.

Aluminum Platform Bodies

Aluminum Platform Bodies

America's most capable aluminum flatbed platform bodies for heavy hauling.

Value Master X Platform

Value-Master X Platform Bodies

From hay bales to bricks, haul anything you need with Knapheide's most popular Platform Body

aluminum PGTB gooseneck

Aluminum PGTB Gooseneck Bodies

Knapheide Aluminum Gooseneck Bodies feature rugged materials and superior construction.

Ford PGNB Bed

PGTB Gooseneck Bodies

The PGTB Gooseneck Body has unsurpassed dependability and comes stocked with standard features.