Knapheide provides highly-contented and customized work trucks to North America’s busiest freight rail systems. The ability for customization and high volume production enable Knapheide to supply one or thousands of work trucks for railroad companies. The broad product portfolio ensure rail customers can rely on Knapheide for all of their work truck needs, from Class 1 to Class 8. When the rails need maintenance, get back on track with the help of a Knapheide rail truck.


Steel Service Body on chevrolet

Steel Service Bodies

Over 50 years of innovation has made Knapheide Steel Service Bodies the industry's leading truck bed.


Aluminum Service Bodies

Aluminum service beds from Knapheide have been rigorously tested & feature a superior design.

KUVcc Bodies

KUVcc Bodies

Match the industry's most dependable utility body with a rugged cab chassis

ram KUVcc

Aluminum KUVcc Bodies

Same features as aluminum service bodies with the addition of master locks and rear access doors with conduit chutes. Available in 8’, 9’ and 11’ lengths.

KMT1 Mechanics Trucks

KMT1 Mechanics Trucks

The industry's most rugged and reliable Mechanics Truck for class five chassis

KMT2 Mechanics Truck

KMT2 Mechanics Trucks

A complete turnkey package with a lifting capacity up to 10,000 lbs and ample secure tool storage

aluminum KUV

Aluminum KUV Bodies

The popular Knapheide KUV utility van is now also available in aluminum, bringing with it additional advantages over its steel counterpart. Aluminum is a significantly lighter weight material, guaranteeing not only improved mileage but increased payload capability. That means you can save money at the gas pump and haul more equipment and materials than ever before. Because aluminum naturally resists rust and corrosion, you can expect the body to maintain its luster no matter the climate in which you work or the rigors of the jobsite that it experiences.

Investing in an aluminum KUV body for your business is sure to enhance productivity and efficiency. Tools and parts can be accessed quickly on the jobsite from any one of the external compartments. Materials, equipment and other larger items can be stored in the spacious cargo area or conduit chutes. You can customize the storage space however you like to meet your needs.



Aluminum Landscaper Bodies

Our Aluminum Landscaper Flatbed Truck Body offers the strength, features and benefits of our steel landscapers in a lightweight, aluminum package.

The choice is easy for landscaping professionals looking to make their job easier. Military-grade aluminum extrusion and aerospace construction ensure strength and durability. In addition to premium construction, our aluminum landscaper truck beds are packed with standard features to make the modern landscape and tree-care professional’s life easier.

Maximize your landscaping and tree-care business by choosing a Knapheide.



Steel Service Body on chevrolet

Steel Service Bodies

When you’re searching for a truck bed out there, the choice is simple. With rugged steel construction and ample external storage for your tools and equipment, Knapheide Steel Service Truck Bodies are the industry standard in utility truck bodies.

Featuring multiple external compartments that allow users to easily store, transport and access tools, our truck beds maximize billable hours in the day on, and in between, jobsites. Additionally, Knapheide Steel Service Bodies come standard with adjustable compartment shelving that can be customized to meet the demands of the various storage needs of plumbers, electricians, general service contractors and more.

When it comes to security and peace-of-mind, we’ve got you covered. Our double-panel door construction combined with automotive rotary latches keep your tools and equipment safe. And, to provide peace of mind, Knapheide’s Standard Service Bodies are fully tested and supported with a six-year warranty.


Aluminum Service Bodies

Our aluminum service truck bed offers the most innovative design and superior construction.

Tested in the harshest lab environments, automotive proving grounds and by customers like you, our Aluminum Service Bodies are built to perform. Additionally, military-grade aluminum and structural adhesives that ensure maximum strength and longevity for your work truck.

What does this mean for you? The corrosion resistance of aluminum, an impactful increase in payload and a truck bed as durable as steel. When it comes to Knapheide, lightweight doesn’t mean light duty.


Combo Bodies

A service combo body by Knapheide is created at the crossroads of ingenuity and efficiency. Combo Bodies combine the practicality and versatility of a service truck body and a platform flatbed truck body.

This creates an ideal storage and productivity solution for the needs of virtually any line of work nationwide. Multiple configurations of the Combo Body allow you to get the most practical upfit to meet your needs. Available configurations include DRW in 10’ and 12’ lengths, 40” tall side packs with flip tops, 46” and 60” tall side packs (no flip tops).

See why professionals across multiple industries are choosing the Combo Body to handle the demands of their jobsites.

KUV Ford Transit

KUV Bodies

KUV Steel Utility Van Bodies create optimized organization for the technician, dividing the storage space into manageable compartments that are externally accessible from either side of the body. The technician pulls up to the jobsite, exits the cab and immediately has quick access to the tools and parts they need without having to crawl into the cargo area. Dedicated conduit chutes enable the technician to store longer items without cluttering the floor of the oversized cargo area. Knapheide’s KUV is constructed of rugged galvanneal steel so the technician can have confidence it will provide years of reliable service. More contractors and technicians utilizing an enclosed utility body as their work vehicle choose a Knapheide KUV.

Say goodbye to crawling around in the back of your cargo van endlessly searching for tools, parts and equipment. Invest in a KUV and get more billable hours out of your day.