August 20, 2019

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World Social Media Day is Sunday, June 30

The buying process has changed. More than ever, we consult the internet before we make any sort of purchasing decision, whether it’s buying a product or hiring a contractor/service. So how can you utilize social media to generate and convert leads for your business?


Quite simply, lead ads exist to generate digital leads for your business. Facebook and Twitter each allow robust customization for your ad campaign, including the ability to set a budget, specify a timeframe in which your campaign will run, and target specific audiences to reach more qualified leads. These ads give your business more visibility of top-of-mind brand awareness, increasing the likelihood that customers will contact you when they’re in need of the service(s) you provide.

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Social listening is your digital ear to the ground, giving you the ability to follow what’s happening in your industry. Learn what customers (current and prospective) are saying and what others in your industry are doing. The information you gain from social listening can be used to strategize and/or rethink your approach to acquire and convert leads.  

Using tools like Sprout Social, Awario, Brandwatch, and others, keywords are assigned by you (or your marketing agency) to develop a social listening channel which will monitor conversations users are having about your company and products, presenting a direct opportunity to engage with those individuals and establish a relationship.


Similar to lead generation ads on Facebook and Twitter, geotargeting allows you to specify particular demographics or keywords to help you reach your local audience. However, this practice doesn’t have to remain strictly local to you. With geotargeting, you can reach users anywhere in the world, defining your ad proximity from miles to feet. For example, if you want to engage with event attendees (such as those at an industry-related trade show), a campaign can be created to reach those in attendance with a message or call-to-action that’s specifically tailored to that event such as giving them an incentive to visit your booth or business to claim a prize.


We’ve all seen this practice in use. You look at a certain product online. Shortly after, you see an advertisement for that same product or company on another site you’re visiting. This is a prime example of retargeting.

When a visitor to your site researches or buys a particular product, a cookie is placed to note that action. From there, related content will be posted on other sites the individual visits, keeping your company and your product at the forefront of the customer’s mind and increasing the chances they will follow through with a purchase or return to you when they’re in need of your service.

These few tips merely scratch the surface of the many social media tools you can utilize to effectively gather and convert leads. A quick search of the internet will return millions of results on the services available to you to for lead generation, whether they’re operated by you or through the use of an agency that handles your social media channels. Putting these processes to work for your company will ensure that you’re ahead of the game when it comes to generating qualified leads through your front door.

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