• KLT Lube Body

    KLT Lube Truck

    These compact flatbeds for select class five to eight trucks are comprised of a roll-up door rear compartment for dispensing equipment with the option to add smaller product tanks as space permits.

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  • Kflt1 Fuel Lube Truck

    KFLT1 Fuel Lube Truck

    These class 7 single axle truck flatbeds feature a 1,000 gallon fuel tank, customized fluid tank configurations, and roll up door rear cabinets with dispensing and collection pumps, reels, and hoses.

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  • Kflt2 Fuel Lube Body

    KFLT2 Fuel Lube Truck

    Designed for compatibility with class 8 tandem axle trucks, these flatbeds feature an expanded 2,000-gallon fuel tank along with all the customizable options present in the KFLT1 model.

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