Like many other customers, GPM believes in American-made products with a long-standing track record of success, reliability, and quality.

GPM’s worksites range in size and terrain, but their Knapheide Service Body stands up to the challenge.

So, when looking for a service body upfit for their newest service truck, the company knew Knapheide was the first place to turn.

Established in 1978 and headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota (with additional sales and service centers and distributor partners across North America), GPM manufactures world-class industrial products, most notably a submersible slurry and dewatering pump known as the GPM-Eliminator.

Serving markets including mining, power generation, steel and metal manufacturing, oil and gas, ethanol, and various municipal utilities, GPM found itself in the market for a dependable truck body that would provide maximum efficiency, versatility, and withstand the rigors of every jobsite.

Blake Kolquist, marketing director for GPM, emphasized the importance of sourcing the upfit from an American company that utilized domestic materials.

“The dealership where I purchased the service truck had visited a Knapheide facility and explained how impressive it was and that the steel used was domestic,” said Kolquist. “We had gotten quotes from various other companies, but Knapheide stood out due to their use of domestic steel, the wide range of options, and the overall quality of the fit and finish.”


Upfitted on a GMC chassis, GPM’s Service Body serves a multitude of purpose

With that in mind, GPM quickly made the decision to purchase from Knapheide.

After working with Knapheide on the build, the body was then delivered to United Truck Body, a Duluth-based Knapheide distributor, where it was installed on GPM’s new service truck.

“Everything came to life quickly and we were happy,” Kolquist recalls of the installation process.

The company’s technicians, who have been utilizing the truck daily over the past two and a half years, have reaped the benefits of the upfit.

“Our technicians really enjoy being able to load up the service body with all the necessary tools needed for the endless array of pump services we offer,” Kolquist offered. “The rugged environments we commonly see are challenging for any vehicle, but our service truck has held up really well and continues to be an incredibly useful tool out in the field. All cabinets are sizable and function really well, the factory tool drawers are very nice, the LED lighting is great, and the crane setup is very handy.”



GPM employees put their Knapheide Service Body to work

The addition of a Knapheide body has elevated the company’s service abilities, opening the door to new business opportunities in the field.

“Having the right tool for the job is critical to any service provider,” said Kolquist. “This truck and service body has allowed us to perform the highest quality field service and repairs to critical industries. It has also increased our service efficiency by greatly reducing mobilization and demobilization, allowing us to respond as quickly as possible in emergency situations.”

The company currently utilizes two service trucks and two flatbeds. And as GPM continues to grow, based on the experience with their Knapheide Service Body, they plan to implement more Knapheide products in their fleet in due time.

GPM’s experience with Knapheide is a shining example of what has kept us at the forefront of the industry since 1848. By manufacturing top quality products, our customers are able to offer the highest standard of service to their customers, creating a trickle-down effect from the manufacturing of the body to the daily utilization of end users, keeping the wheels in motion for America’s workforce.

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All photos courtesy of Blake Kolquist/GPM