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6108DLR-38J Crane Body on a Ram 4500
6108DLR-38J Crane Body on a Ram 4500

Crane Service Bodies

Knapheide Crane Bodies are built and reinforced with heavy crane applications in mind to withstand the torsional forces applied to a body during lifting operations. Knapheide's comprehensive line-up of Crane Bodies includes models from light-duty trucks, up to extreme heavy-duty applications. From construction and mining to agriculture and equipment repair, Knapheide Crane Bodies have continually proved their worth time and time again. When your job requires some heavy lifting, call on a Knapheide Crane Body to help you get the job done.

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Outrigger Receiver Bumper

The Outrigger Receiver Bumper is a heavy duty galva-grip bumper with integral outrigger tubes. This bumper is compatible with bodies with optional crane reinforcement kits and 30 Series Crane Bodies. Grip tread is punched into the step surface to improve footing and safety. If you are looking for a tough bumper for your 30 Crane Body, check out the Outrigger Receiver Bumper.

Cable Steps

Cable Steps are a popular option for Service Bodies, specifically Crane and Line bodies with higher bumpers. Cable Steps give the ability to users to safely access the cargo bed area of the body without having to jump up or down. Let Cable Steps make your job a little bit easier and a lot safer.

Cable Steps Catalog Page

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Codeable Padlock

Knapheide's Codeable Padlock is designed with convenience in mind. Simply put your vehicle ignition key into the cylinder and turn. The padlock learns your vehicle ignition key code and eliminates the need to carry both ignition key and padlock key. The Knapheide Codeable Padlock: simple, safe, secure.

Codeable Padlock Catalog Page

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DL Crane Body Bumper

The DL Series Crane Bumper provides a 21-1/2" deep work surface, a lockable through compartment, and accepts outriggers for body stabilization. This crane bumper has all the tools you should need to improve your productvitiy on the jobsite. The bumper receiver hitch is rated at 18,000 lbs. maximum trailer weight and 1,200 lbs. maximum tongue weight. The bumper includes a vise plate with mounting locations available on both sides of the bumper. The bumper also includes a through compartment with lockable access doors on both sides of the bumper. The DL Series Crane Bumper is compatible with the 44 Crane Body.

DLH Crane Body Bumper

The DLH Series Bumper comes complete with a large work surface, a lockable through compartment, and pintle hitch step bumper with D-rings. The pintle hitch bumper is rated for 30,000 lbs. maximum trailer weight and 6,000 lbs. maximum tongue weight. The bumper includes a vise plate with mounting locations available on both sides of the bumper. The bumper also includes a through compartment with lockable access doors on both sides of the bumper. The DLH Series Crane Bumper is compatible with 60 Crane Body.

LED Compartment Lighting

For those that work all hours of the day, LED compartment lighting is the perfect accessory for your Service, Utility or Gooseneck body. No longer encroaching on valuable real estate the LED compartment light is 5/16” wide and 1/8” in height. Available in lengths of 12”, 24” and 47”, LED lighting utilizes a flexible strip with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back for easy installation. LED compartment lighting is designed to be controlled and operated through your vehicles up fitter switch. For chassis’ not having this option an up fitter switch kit is available as well as individual door activated switch kits.

LED Compartment Lighting (Service/Utility Body) Catalog Page

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Master Locking System

The Knapheide Master Locking System allows you to lock all compartments on one side with a single move. The Master Locking System operates independent of your key locks for an extra layer of security. Since Knapheide knows you have thousands of dollars of tools and equipment in your body, we understand security is first priority. So check out the Master Locking System and also take a look at our Codeable Padlock as a great accessory.

Master Locking System Catalog Page

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Rock Guard

Rock guards are constructed of 12 gauge bright aluminum treadplate. This option adds aluminum trim to the front corners of your Service Body to give it a more attractive and rugged look. To give your Service Body more styling, check out our Rock Guards. Rock Guards look great with Aluminum Treadplate Option as well.

Rock Guards Catalog Page

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Steel Mechanics Drawers

The heavy duty mechanics drawer cabinet features dividable drawers (4 drop in dividers per drawer) and each drawer is rated at 500 lbs. With all of this space and capacity, even the most cluttered operator should have enough storage to become organized. The mechanics drawer cabinet stores in the street side front vertical compartment making access to your tools quick and easy.

Steel Mechanics Drawers Catalog Page

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Aluminum Mechanics Drawers

Mechanics drawers are constructed of lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy (manufactured by C-Tech). Aluminum drawers are available in a wide variety of configured packages which include a combination of 3”, 5” and 7” drawers. Dividers are also available to further organize drawers for small tools and hardware. The patented Motionlatch handle provides effortless opening and closing on each drawer. Standard Duty drawers slide on ball bearings and are rated for a maximum of 250 lbs. Rugged red powder coat provides a long lasting finish.

Upgrade upon request to an Extreme Duty unit featuring 500 lb. drawer slides or choose from 9 different color options.

Aluminum Mechanics Drawers (Service Bodies/KUV/KUVcc) Catalog Page

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Spare Tire Retainer

Universal spare tire retainer designed to accept tires as small as 14" up to 22.5", with 6" of vertical adjustability.  Hardware is zinc plated to prevent corrosion and two carriage head retaining bolts (3" and 10") are included.  Spare tire retainer can be mounted on the street side of the cargo area positioned close to the front of the body (near bulkhead).

Spare Tire Retainer Catalog Page

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