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Heavy Drop Side Contractor Body on a GM 3500


  • Heavy Drop Side Contractor Bodies Specifications

    Document contains Heavy Drop Side Contractor Bodies specifications for dual rear wheel chassis.


  • Roughneck Toolboxes

    Knapheide Roughneck Toolboxes can be easily added to Knapheide Platform, Gooseneck, Dump, and Forestry Bodies for additional storage capacity. Above or under body toolboxes are available in a variety of different sizes to fit your application, from 20" in length up to 60" in length.

  • Knaphoist

    So you just bought a Knapheide Landscaper or Platform Body but need a heavy duty hoist to handle your dumping applications?  Knapheide's Knaphoist has the patented lost motion device providing low mounting height resulting in greater stability, which keeps you safe during your dump.  Our 3/4" thick high strength steel is much more durable and stable compared to formed steel used in competitor hoists.  So when you need the most reliable hoist in the industry, choose the Knaphoist. 

  • Knap-Pack

    Knapheide's Knap-Pack is a great storage option for your Dump or Platform Body.  The Knap-Pack offers easily accessible secure storage for your tools and equipment.  The packs have rotary lockable latches for security and double spring over center door retainers to keep your compartment doors either open or closed.  Knap-Packs are available in a straight or tapered design.  Choose the Knapheide Knap-Pack for your secure storage needs. 

    • Knap-Pack Tapered Storage Compartments Catalog Page

      TBPP-13-2015.pdf (107.92K)
    • Knap-Pack Straight Storage Compartments Catalog Page

      TBPP-14-2015.pdf (101.88K)
  • ICC Bumper

    The ICC Bumper is compatible with Platform and Dump Bodies.  Dimensions depend on the chassis manufacturer.  Under ride protection is required by law the ICC Bumper provides this protection.  ICC Bumpers are not needed when a hitch is utilized.

  • Platform/Dump Body Receiver Hitch

    All Knapheide Platforms have receiver hitch options available.  All receiver hitches include under ride protection. Whatever your platform, the Knahpheide receiver hitch options can fulfill your hauling demands.

  • Platform Options Section

    Browse the entire Platform Options Section which contains all available standard options for Platform Bodies.



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