January 23, 2020


Every business has a different set of needs. One of the most important aspects of meeting those needs is to have a vehicle that is upfitted to get the job done. But which upfit is right for your vehicle? From trucks to vans, a variety of products are available to meet the demands of your day-to-day routine. Below, we’ll take a look at several vocations and applications and which products are best suited for them.


Working on the farm requires the right equipment, as well as keeping that equipment up and running. There are many different kinds of work trucks and bodies used in the ag business.

Gooseneck and gooseneck/service hybrid bodies are ideal for pulling trailers, storing regularly-used tools, and transferring feed and seed bags with ease. Similarly, flatbeds are nearly synonymous with the ag industry. These simple, practical bodies make it easy to haul a variety of materials from point A to B.

Lastly, mechanic upfits provide a practical solution in keeping your other equipment in working order. Implement issues in the field? With a mechanic upfit, you have a portable workshop that allows you storage and access to the tools you need to fix the problem and minimize downtime for your operation. 

See more on ag upfits here.


Contractors demand tough trucks in order to withstand the conditions on construction sites. Regardless if your truck is a half ton or heavy duty, upfits are available to make your job easier. 

Service bodies have long been a mainstay of the construction industry. These versatile work trucks provide an open cargo area for large-item storage and transportation with the advantages of external compartments for improved efficiency when accessing often-used equipment.

Utility bodies provide easily-accessible side compartments and a covered, secure cargo area, creating a versatile and fully-secured work vehicle. Integrated conduit chutes provide dedicated storage for long items such as conduit, pipe or other lengthy items needed on the jobsite.

Additionally, contractor bodies offer standard features such as over-and-under body toolboxes, material rack, hauling platform, stake racks, over-cab wheelbarrow storage, and more. 

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Electricians need an organized and dependable work truck for their job. All of your pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, amp meters and more need dedicated and secure storage.

Service bodies for the electrical field keep everything from tools to components organized on the compartment shelves. With a variety of sizes, styles, and customization options available, there are endless possibilities with a service body upfit for your truck.

Utility bodies are another great option available for your electrical business. These bodies have dedicated storage space for tools, parts, and equipment. Utility bodies are available in many different heights and lengths and can be installed on a van or truck to form the ultimate work vehicle for an electrician. Utility bodies also accept a wide variety of options and accessories that will help you get the most out of your vehicle.

See the electrical upfit guide here.


From residential or commercial new system installation to service and repair, HVAC technicians demand a practical work vehicle that provides efficiency and optimizes productivity.

Utility bodies enable you to store your most commonly needed tools and parts within easily accessible side compartments. Conduit chutes and an enclosed cargo area create storage for longer or oversized items. Multiple customization options are also available giving you the opportunity to get the most out of your investment.

Service bodies are another practical upfit for your HVAC vehicle. Rather than having to get into and move around your truck bed, service bodies keep everything you regularly need conveniently compartmentalized thanks to storage along the sides of the bed, offering you ultimate convenience. 

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Dependent upon a truck or van to store pipes, pumps, tools, and more, plumbers rely on the ability to stay on the jobsite instead of making constant supply runs. As with other vocations, there are many upfit solutions for those in the plumbing industry.

Utility bodies offer a secured cargo area for large and high-dollar items, conduit chutes for dedicated pipe storage, and side-accessible storage, giving you all the necessary accommodations you need for maximum efficiency.

Service bodies are a versatile alternative to a utility body that can provide many of the same advantages. Various-sized open cargo areas provide flexible carrying capacity for items like water heaters and jetting equipment. Easily-accessible external storage provide organization capabilities to keep your business running smooth.

As always, multiple customization options are available that will meet every demand you have from your work truck or van. Learn more about upfits for plumbing operations by downloading our plumbing upfit guide here.

For a complete list of vocations and upfit guides, visit knapheide.com/vocations to find which upfit is best suited to meet your needs.

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